NEWS: Kelly Truth Squad Coming Back to the Airwaves on 1450 AM WCEV

(CHICAGO) – Bringing the Kelly Truth Squad to WCEV airwaves, columnist and commentator William J. Kelly, takes on the worlds of news and entertainment in “humorous pursuit of truth, justice and all things America.” Kelly pens the popular Bill Kelly’s Truth Squad and the Tea Party Report for the Washington Times communities section where his compelling stories have received more than 1 million views.

This local edition of the Kelly Truth Squad will feature a charity and event feature on each program – spotlighting important causes and the people behind them.

Kelly is also a contributor to national publications such as the American Spectator and Previously, he was the “Antenna” media columnist for Screen Magazine and penned the colorful “Man about Town” society column for TCW Magazine. A TV and radio industry veteran, Kelly is a producer of Emmy award-winning television and was nominated for a personal Emmy for outstanding achievement on-camera.

A longtime taxpayer watchdog, he was formerly the executive director of National Taxpayers United, an affiliate of the National Taxpayers Union.


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