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Dear Friends,

This Thursday, December 23, 2010, the Chicago Board of Elections will be announcing its decision on whether Rahm Emanuel is eligible to run for Mayor of Chicago.¬†We don’t know when they will announce but I am asking people to plan to be there at 9AM and pack a lunch. It is at 69 W. Washington in Chicago, Conference Room.

Last Monday, the Chicago Board of Elections threw the only conservative candidate off the ballot – a man by the name of Tom Hanson. Why? Because THEY lost his Statement of Economic Interest. Mr. Hanson even had the receipt that he turned in all of his paperwork and they still threw him off the ballot. Mr. Hanson doesn’t even have any economic interest with the city. He is the head of Hanson Commercial Real Estate in Chicago and doesn’t need the city to make money. He also serves on the board of directors on not-for-profits to help struggling kids at bad schools. So – good man. He also ran against Emanuel for Congress in 2008.

The Chicago media and the Board of Elections have bent over backwards for Rahm and if they render a decision in his favor – a decision that would not be in conformity with the law – then this will be the Chicago Way at work again. More corrupt double standards and special treatment for those in power. The law requires Rahm Emanuel to be a resident of Chicago for one year prior to the election. He does not maintain any residency here – and it really is that simple. He said under oath that he wasn’t aware of the residency requirement until he read it in the newspaper. That’s perhaps why he rushed around and amended his tax returns-so that he could argue that he really is a resident.

Emanuel should be held to the same laws and rules everyone else would be. If he is, than Chicago is saved from a Mayor Rahm Emanuel this time around. If he’s not, it isn’t just Chicago that will suffer but everyone in Illinois.

Please plan to attend this important hearing.


William J. Kelly

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