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CHICAGO, Illinois, October 3, 2012 - (Revised October 9, 2012) An article in Monday’s Chicago Tribune exposes a well-known political reality in Illinois: political parties are for sale. In this case, it’s the Illinois GOP that’s for sale.

The buyers? Top contributors and advisers to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Isn’t that just what the doctor ordered in Illinois – a state GOP party controlled by President Obama’s former White House Chief of Staff and his wealthy donors?

Illinois conservative and Tea Party leaders must be thrilled.

This summer, Emanuel earned a not-so-special place in the hearts of pro-family voters after he tried to block the Chick-Fil-A restaurant chain’s city expansion after CEO Dan Cathy made statements in support of traditional marriage.

In his report, Tribune reporter Rick Pearson describes how cheap Illinois Republican Party assets are being snapped up by “Republican” hedge fund managers.

But who are these “Republican” hedge fund managers really?

One of them is Anne Dias-Griffin, a former executive of George Soros Fund Management. The socialist billionaire Soros isn’t exactly known for his conservative philanthropy.

Her husband, Ken Griffin bundled more than $221,000 for Barack Obama after a visit to Griffin’s Chicago-based headquarters. Both contributed $200,000 to Emanuel’s mayoral campaign in 2010.

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William J. Kelly Launches National TV PSA Ad Campaign

See the first TV ad spot here…

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Kelly Announces February 19th TV Townhall taping in Chicago!

Register now to be part of our studio audience and have the opportunity to speak out, Chicago!

Register for tickets at or email

Venue management and promoters reserve the right to refuse entry without giving reason. Venue or promoters cannot be held responsible for refusal of entry to the venue for any reason.

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KELLY: Santorum Surge Turns Up Heat on Romney

Chicago, January 5, 2011 – Former Sen. Rick Santorum did what no other GOP candidate has been able to do thus far – outwit the mainstream media and his GOP opponents to tie with frontrunner Mitt Romney in Iowa. His momentum and fundraising surging, will he be able to pull an upset in New Hampshire or South Carolina? (more…)

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NEWS: WIND Bans William J. Kelly from TEACON 2011

Dear Fellow Patriot,

I’m sorry to say that I will not be joining you for TEACON 2011. Unfortunately, I have been barred from the event this weekend – both as credentialed media and as a guest from attending with you. Despite hours of negotiations with AM 560 WIND, they cannot their hate go. Believe me, I have tried very hard not to have to send this email.

TEACON 2011 with Glenn Beck and Andrew Breitbart is a celebration of all things Tea Party. It is also a celebration of the conservative blogosphere and the advent of citizen journalism. So why is WIND so angry with me? WIND says that I am being barred from TEACON 2011 because of my video scuffle with Rahm Emanuel and CBS reporter Jay Levine last October. Yes, last October. In the video, Rahm avoided my questions about Freddie Mac and the failed stimulus and Levine threatened to deck me. Levine happens to be a friend of WIND host Amy Jacobson.


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